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Mentally, This Where America At! | By Louie Overstreet

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Louie Overstreet

I cannot recall America’s mental health being in this bad of shape. People are suffering with untreated psychological problems that are harmful to themselves, and others suffer with problems that are harmful to society. All have access to guns used to kill themselves or to commit mass murders. Sadly, these mental states are neglected — or worse, used to support a political point of view.

I first sounded the alarm in a 2012 Sentinel Voice column entitled, “USA mental health deteriorates.” I identified the culprits as subversive politicians placing their self-interest over the wellbeing of our nation. Their clever misinterpretations of the 1st and 2nd Amendments are marketed to frightful members of their tribe as bottled hate tonic sure to cure their fear of the browning of America.

While the majority tribal leaders, with good reason, are confident that they can maintain control of the money and private land ownership, a measurable number are far less certain of maintaining control of a democracy based on the principle of one person, one vote. As I wrote years ago, once the ruling tribe felt threatened, misguided politicians would start to undermine this precept.

These efforts, to undermine our democracy, were helped by the Supreme Court rulings of Shelby County v. Holder (2013) and Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee (2021). The Court ruled Sections 5, 4(b) and 2 were unconstitutional. I must note here the court majority are by far the least scholarly bunch of Justices in my lifetime.

Now, a nation where masses of its citizens suffer from untreated mental illness and haters are drunk on their own supply of tonic to the point we have now got to “poop or get off the pot,” to preserve a not-so-perfect union.

Since I am playing through the back nine of life, I have decided to stay right here on the pot — doing my best thinking, and leaving the worry to those of you who have enough time left to get off the pot and do something.

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