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PEACE: Knocked Down, But Not OUT!

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Things come down upon us at different times throughout our life journey.

The good is always embraced — and often taken for granted. But you can be left feeling crushed when the rain comes and brings unexplained pain or tragedy.

The numbness that makes you float through days of pain can be unbearable, and sometimes the only refuge is to find escapes that offer temporary relief.

There is solitude in reflecting on our ancestors and pulling from their strength deep inside your soul and DNA. Yes, their energy and resilience is there — just tap into it. The “ongoing,” “the keep it moving,” “the nonstop,” and “the forever momentum” will conquer all.

Love and honor for your self perception is forever present within your subconscious. The veil of tragedy can cloud your vision, but you can do the heavy lifting and come up from its shadow.

First, recognize that you are not the only person who experiences pain that cripples. The reality is that you too are connected to the human experience — and no one gets out without the challenge to GET UP.

Pay tribute to Him always, and follow His divine call to have FAITH. Faith will clear pathways for endurance. Happiness is the unexpected gift that arrives on its own accord. But, gratitude is something we can all control and will make peace attainable.

There is a rising and there is a fall. The order is to feel the warmth of faith that affirms grandma’s voice, which whispers, “Everything will be alright.”

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