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PEACE: Step into escape

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The days come and go. Time waits for no one.

Daily routines can make you feel like life is closing in. And then it’s time to go to sleep, and the habitual routines continue. It is important to feel the peace you dream of — by stepping into your days with intention and spontaneous moments of escape.

It can be those little moments, like when you decide to have lunch outdoors rather than in the lunchroom. Or it can be putting a ping-pong table in your front room — giving your family an escape option that offsets the television gaze.

Make a commitment to fuel your soul by taking your mind on an escape routine.

Instead of an ordinary shower, soak in a candlelit bath while playing the musical sounds of the Isley Brothers.

One of the best escapes — especially if there are budget limitations — is a wonderful book read. Our imagination is so vast, and He knew we could use it to restore our spirit.

Another form of refuge is meeting the new that comes with all the positives in life: new places, new people, new things.

Also, our self-care routines can change up — giving us permission to reinvent ourselves. This is when you truly embrace life that has been given and appreciated.

Long car rides can also serve as a wonderful and fulfilling moment, bringing you closer to the unknown and trusting in the journey to bring you there.

Deep breaths can remind you of your “ten toes down” process, which can lead to stepping toward the life you want — more importantly, the person you desire to be without filters.

Yes, “Bye Felecia” is real. But only you can make it happen!

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