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SILENT CORNER: Helping others as a ‘survivor of loss by suicide’

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Marcel Roston

By Marcel Roston

Statistics show that about 25% of African-Americans seek mental health treatment, compared to 40% of white Americans. Unequal access to health care is one major contributor to this disparity — but fortunately, many are finding their way back to a life of happiness and purpose.

Las Vegas Black Image Magazine will be sharing your stories of triumph over mental health obstacles. We are pleased to share a personal story authored by Marcel Roston, in hopes that it shows others that they are not alone.

My name is Marcel Roston. I am 47 years of age and a father of three beautiful children. I live in North Las Vegas and I am a survivor of loss by suicide.

My daughter Chloe Marie, at age of 17, died by suicide on March 26, 2014. From that day forward, I had a choice to heal or hurt.

I knew very well how to hurt; I had been abused by my father for years. The healing was a journey that would bring me across the U.S. three times during the pandemic. I began to share my story on social media about the impact the loss of my daughter by suicide had on my life emotionally. People reached out or commented on my story sharing their own need to have their pain be heard.

As I drove across the United States, I asked my daughter for emotional clarity, freedom from guilt, shame, and most of all where I belonged in life.

Fortunately, everything I was back then is different now. I am currently in a better place and I seek now to eradicate deaths by suicide in young people all over the world. I have over 100 signatures on my truck of those who have died by suicide. There are some famous, some elite, my daughter, and many people I have met traveling this country.

I am a dad who has taken on the challenge of ending suicide and to make a difference in the world like any father would want for his daughter.

I plan to travel the country again this year and deliver a message of hope, healing, help, and humanity to schools and companies along the way.

Marcel Roston
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The National Suicide Prevention & Crisis Lifeline can be reached at 988 if you need suicide or mental health-related crisis support, or are worried about someone else.

If you would like to share your own story of mental health struggle or survival, please email Las Vegas Black Image Magazine at or call (702) 615-8216.

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