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Lead And They Will Follow: 7 Lessons On Persuasion & Power



It has been said, “If you lead, they will follow.”

This statement implies that people are looking for someone to show them the way to go or what decisions to make. It may not be true in all circumstances — but by adulthood, most people need a change in their lives and a change agent to lead them to their dreams.

The truth? There is no magic; only our own power nurturing and creating a force. Spiritual beliefs confirm this: no prayer, no power. A great example is an article written in INC. magazine by writer and bestselling author, Kevin J. Daum (@kevinjdaum), entitled “7 Things Really Persuasive People Do.”* In it, he describes how becoming more effective in persuasion offers a better chance of accomplishing goals for all. It is through finding and embracing our own natural power that we make or encourage important changes. Here is my summary.

BE PURPOSEFUL: Understand your power. Use it sparingly, thoughtfully, and knowingly.

LISTEN — THEN LISTEN SOME MORE: Pushing your own power rarely works. Listening to another offers more about them. You are more effective when you know the other side.

CONNECTION: Managing your impatience creates a more personal connection. Finding common ground with sincere empathy indicates you are on their side and offers a stronger base.

ACKNOWLEDGE CREDIBILITY: Give them sincere credit for their opinions and arguments; reinforce credibility for their perceptions to avoid disagreement.

OFFER SATISFACTION: Daum advises that it’s time to give a sense of satisfaction from what they provide; rather than argue the point of right or wrong. Let it go and move on. In Kevin Daum’s words, “Choose being successful over being right.”

KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP! It has been handed down as advice: “The first person who speaks, loses.” Once again: give to get. Share the power. Listen.

KNOW WHEN TO CONCLUDE: Finally, Daum closes the “sale.” Respect your audience. You gave information, they listened, now give them space to think, talk, to exercise their power.

Kevin Daum, Best selling offer and columnist;

Dr. Ellen Brown is a retired university educator and dean and can be reach her with thoughts and ideas at

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