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What Is ‘AI’ and Is It Credible?



In the “olden days,” there was such a thing as punitive consequences for plagiarism: using someone else’s creative properties without permission. Well, it is now 2023 and quickly slithering its way onto the writing scene is an anomaly known as Artificial Intelligence. I loosely define “AI” as software programs that aim to replicate human tasks. 

When I became a university educator, I was introduced to sophisticated tools that allowed students and faculty to test questionable pieces of written works. If plagiarism was suspected, the tool would help to quickly identify it. The consequences varied from a warning and a rewrite to unacceptable and failing the class. We now accept this process as AI. Even with charges of plagiarism everywhere — the music industry, writing, schools and universities, jobs — AI not only assists, but competes with the brain, threatening to outperform its capabilities. 

Who? Use of tools like AI comes down to a couple of conclusions. These “bots” can certainly aid in the development of messages, songs, and stories. They stimulate idea development and save time. Personally, I Love artificial intelligence as a tool; it stimulates my thinking by pointing me to new sources. Caution: use of those sources can represent plagiarism if not cited. 

AI can be a scary resource. Questions remain. Will this technology create a greater divide between the Haves and Have Nots? Human capacities vary; how can AI affect equal access to life’s resources? 

In Today’s world of Fast, Fierce and Free, overexposure to data makes it difficult to read the message and evaluate accuracy and validity. Who has time to check out the sources and validate the writer’s accuracy? Who Cares? If the content is of interest or use, we just accept it. Artists of all categories certainly know what it means to use the properties of someone without permission. Students, published writers, speakers, songwriters, and rappers have all run into this wall and paid the price. To name a few in the music world: Jay-Z, 2 Live Crew, even the Beach Boys. 

Don’t close your eyes and ears on this one; learn more about how you can benefit from using AI as a legitimate resource in your work & life. Knowledge ensures that you keep your power source moving. 

Dr. Ellen Brown is a retired university educator and dean and can be reached with thoughts and ideas at

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