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PEACE: Disruption of the smooth flow

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Are you a disruptor? Not in a negative way, but in refusing to allow mediocrity to dictate movement in your progressive, independent life. “Free at last” is not just a physical state, but something that stems from the soul. The trust we possess in our own insight and perspective is essential — and we have to remember that an accumulation of all life lessons will bring you to wisdom. 

Being seen can be scary. Many will stand in a crowd of programmed smiles and unfounded truths, just to avoid being alone. But the REAL ones are in their midst — walking with a confident stride, envied by the masses, in step with themselves and rhythmically sidestepping silos. 

Yes, the tune is authentic. And only those who hear can appreciate the momentous sound. The truth will find you, and invite you to embrace wonders blanketed in courage. 

Your act of disruption can move in silence contrary to mindsets. When all are raising voices and demeaning the righteous, the opportunity for smooth flow avails itself. When all have something to say, but you reserve the right to speak — making judgmental minds ponder your thoughts — you disrupt. 

Advocacy is playing hide and seek, seldom found. The water that is needed to grow is dried up. And we only reminisce, on yearly holidays, those heroes and sheroes who stood the ground we now walk upon. 

The club is popping with bodies that minds don’t follow — and distractions are longed for, so participation is passed on. We believe in choices and ideology that demands no pressure. “You do you, Boo.” 

Lurking in the dark, and behind the howling in the night, is the opposition — waiting to attack a complacent group that is comfortable in their acts of “Get Along to Belong.” 

Peace is found for those who stand on the principles of good — confident in the lessons from ancestors who never gave in or gave up. Step with intention into the balance of correctness and it will blossom our people into a tribe of warriors.

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