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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Dr. Ellen Brown

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Not too early to begin focusing on 2024 political issues


What matters most when it comes to your livelihood, your family, your community, your future? Next question: how much are those things affected — or even controlled — by political factors? 

Lately, in talking with friends, family, and even random acquaintances, conversations have leaned toward attitudes of giving up when it comes to the state of the country. People are feeling more left out of important conversations that affect the present as well as the future of our lives. 

While the people continue to be concerned about our everyday livelihood — as well as that of our children and other family members — the prevailing sentiment often rests on a lack of trust and inclusion in the future of those we care about. Scanning through various political news and stories, the focus does seem to be on the power brokers and their needs. If “they” are good, then all must be well for everyone else. Really? 

Each one of you reading this article holds a legitimate place in the future that exists for everyone. If and how that place is used is a personal choice. 

Many of my friends and family — too many — believe that there is no power and we cannot make much of a difference. These are average, go-to-work-every-day people who make up the majority of this country. I understand the thought pattern, but I don’t accept the conclusion. Even though I get a headache thinking about it, I believe this is still a country — unlike so many others — that must maintain a system of free speech and freedom to choose our representatives. 

That being said, Forbes published a list of the 10 biggest policy and political questions at the beginning of 2023. Each one of these affects you and me — whether or not we know or agree with it. But there are now people in power who either accept or reject these policies and those with the power to change our lives: 

  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California), Speaker of the House 
  • Extremists and moderates — both hold power 
  • DEBT! We know it is out of control and we also know who made that happen. Watch how the debt limit agenda is handled by Congress. 
  • Federal Reserve: It’s all about you! Big money, yes; but it’s still a trickle-down to the little girls and guys. One way or another, we know this: working folks, retirees, college students, and fixed-income people will lose our power to keep up. 

Eventually, the most important issues are addressed. The question is: important to who/whom? 

What’s left? Who are the greatest government power brokers? Remember the childhood song “Do-Re-Mi?” This question brings us back to the beginning; where we end up is where we start the next time around. 

You will always have the power. The question is, How will you use it? 

Dr. Ellen Brown is a retired university educator and dean. Contact her at

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