Friday, May 24, 2024

PEACE: While You Wait

Many of us want what we want — exactly when we want it. 

Unfortunately, the plan He has for us demands patience. Life is a giver of ALL things, and it is our divine duty to be proactive in preparation for things to come. 

The gift is the process where lessons await our understanding. Strength is built by heavy lifting — and grace is the reward. 

Persistent rubbing on your stone heart will bring about softening and shine. Peace in life will be found on the other side of healing. Time is your friend to stop and remain still for reflection and discovery. All the intricate curves and hills are smoothly navigated in the stillness of the mind. 

What’s coming will be. Meanwhile you have work to do. The daily task is self-acknowledgement on the development of a clear thought to propel ultimate momentum. Finding your road to travel will bring about the destination that calls for you. 

The moments of sight will blossom the soul. Take in all that is beautiful. The ground is fertile and awaits planting for the sprouting of your legacy. 

But, there is so much to get done while you wait. Taking charge of the wrongs and correcting where you can, is the honorable way to live. 

The movement you choose leads towards the light that can be found in all darkness. “Joy comes in the morning,” for all who are awake. The cloud is transparent for those who desire to see. 

Are you READY?

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