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HEALTHIER YOU: Family Health History when planning for a baby!

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Dr. Marguerite Brathwaite OB-GYN


I am so excited about providing you with these regular “Healthier You” editorials each month. My good friend and colleague, Dr. Annette Mayes, has done wonderful writing and I am so proud to now continue her contribution upon her retirement. 

If you are thinking about having a baby? Or, if you have a family health history that includes a birth defect, developmental disability, newborn screening disorder, or genetic condition, you might be more likely to have a baby with this condition. The month of November is Family Health History Month, and I encourage you to exam your health history when planning to have a baby. 

Learning more about your family’s health history before you get pregnant can give you time to address any concern. Remember to consider the family health history of both potential parents, not just mom. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your doctor. 

Based on your family health history, your doctor might refer you for genetic counseling. Other reasons for genetic counseling include having had: 

  • Infertility (trouble getting pregnant) 
  • 2 of more miscarriages 
  • A previous pregnancy or child with a genetic condition or birth defect. 
  • A baby who died at less than 1 year of age. 

After genetic counseling you might decide to have genetic testing for conditions that could affect your baby. Results from these tests could impact your pregnancy planning. Testing before you get pregnant can give you time to think about what results mean for you and consider all your options. 

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