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PEACE: Giving Thanks vs. Gratitude!

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Many will say a quick “thank you” after receiving an act of giving, but there are some clear differences between saying “thank you,” and the internal gift of “gratitude.” 

The “thank you,” is the response, and “gratitude” is the presence of peace.The courtesy of a “thank you,” is welcomed by many. But the internal relationship we have with self, is the gratitude we give. We love, and love will return. We give gratitude and our hearts and souls are released. The release of pain, hurt, loss, and more is felt when we embrace gratitude as a gift. 

Gratitude is the tool to calm the tireless beast within. A spirit of anxiety from a shaken life of expectations. Gratitude is the trust we try to hold onto. Trust is the process — good or bad — that will move life forward. HIS promise has never been broken: “Everything will be okay.” 

Memories of love fuel the emotions of gratitude. And negative experiences give valuable lessons in helping to build courageous movements. We must all stay in constant elevations of movements to experience ALL of God’s blessings. Touched by angels to stay woke when blessings are knocking for your attention. 

More of what you feel than what you see. Everything is a prop, waiting for you to give it life. The discernment lies in your grace, and your gratitude is born in your peace. 

On this day “We give thanks!”

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