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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Empowering, supporting Black women in business

Empowering, supporting Black women in business



Those are the traits displayed by the businesswomen featured in the inaugural edition of the Black Women-Owned Business Directory. The vision and brainchild of Las Vegas businesswoman Rondalyn Mcclintock, the directory was created to connect local Vegas-based businesses run by African-American women to a broader market of potential customers. 

To get the project started, “Roni” wanted to work together with women in the community who are also connected through organizations of African-American women. There are many! To get the process started, she approached two people who said “YES”: Dr. Ellen Brown and Dr. Marie Wakefield. Of course, our community is fortunate to have a burgeoning population of Black women who can bring much to the Table, and more will continually be included to do so as the project expands. 

The first two local partner organizations became National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. and Las Vegas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Roni represents 100 Black Women and Dr. Marie Wakefield and Dr. Ellen Brown, both represent Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Las Vegas Alumnae Chapter. The result of this relationship is the launch of the first — not to be the last — digital edition of the directory, released in October 2023. 

The Black Women-Owned Business Directory can be accessed through this link: 

This is not the first publication to focus attention on African American businesses — there have been many in the community. The vision here was to take advantage of collaboration, thereby exercising the collective power of the women in our community.

Why This Directory Matters 

As stated in the introduction to the directory, it matters because of three very important and consequential points coming from the creators:

  • A showcase of excellence: our community will discover a range of business talent and power in talented Black women who add to the mainstream of businesses in our community
  • Support of local businesses: an opportunity to find out who is out there and seek their services and goods
  • Community-building: strengthen relationships within the Las Vegas community, establish collaborations and inspire others to become entrepreneurs. 

The POWER foundation was already there when we came along. It is comprised of “YOU” — who collectively create, question, develop, support and embrace the needs of our community. 

We encourage you to click on the link and spend time learning about the amazing women in our Community who are in the initial launch. There will be those you know who may not appear on this list, no worries. This is only the beginning. We encourage you to respond to my email, share it, and add to the digital list of women entrepreneurs in our community. Feel free to spread the word. This directory of women is intentionally intended to grow! 

2023-24 BLACK WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Las Vegas 2023-2024 Inaugural Edition | 

Dr. Ellen Brown enjoys writing on political topics that encourage and invite discussion leading to action. As a retired university educator and dean, she is enjoying her life in Color with POWER! Ellen welcomes you to contact her with your ideas and stories on how you use your power!

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