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PEACE: You are an ocean

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How often do you visit a beach? Do you gaze at the vast size of the ocean, or does your attention begin and end at the ripple in the wave that washes up to the shore and hits your feet? 

All open waters stir emotions, but it is necessary to admire the infinite stretch of the ocean and to know that YOU ARE AN OCEAN. You embody the vastness and ability to conquer all open spaces. 

As we gaze out to an ocean — even watching a sunset — one can see where the ocean might look as though it kisses the sky. Yes, the ocean is wide, big and stretches so far you cannot see its end. Just as we see the length of an ocean, its depth is just as amazing. Even if we cannot see just how deep an ocean is from its shoreline, we must recognize that areas of the ocean’s bottom still are undiscovered — so deep. 

Define your mind as endless storage. We can fill it up with the possibilities of initiating consciousness or not. To be conscious is to be aware. You examine and receive valid knowledge to feed consciousness taking its sails in the correct direction of the winds that journey. Life is a journey and not a destination. The compass of one’s consciousness will lead to a fulfilling life. Experiences birth knowledge and fuels a conscious mind. 

Truth is the takeaway when igniting consciousness. “Walking on water” echoes throughout the generations as a reminder that nothing is out of your range of possibilities — if you genuinely want to achieve it. 

What window do you want to look out of this new year? Have you gathered the scope of information and resources to achieve your goals? The process of dissecting the treasures in one’s life from distractions in life is masterful. 

Why focus on the ripples at a shoreline that are only a reaction from energy caused by the deepness of its waters? A healthy consciousness is the rippling reaction by all energies leading to peace.

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