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Why Did Pleasantries Disappear?

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Louie Overstreet

Why are pleasant greetings no longer expressed in our daily interactions?

When was the last time you held a door open for someone entering or exiting an establishment and you heard a cheerful and sincere thank you? What about waving and saying hi to a neighbor? Lord knows you better not go as far as to say how are you and your family doing?

I will use myself as an example. Growing up in Cleveland, we lived in two locations. As a youth, I knew everyone in the neighborhood. As a teenager, in an entirely different area of town, I knew everyone on our street. Here in Vegas, we have lived on the same street for 25 years. I only know four families by name and have never been in anyone’s home. My “Hi, neighbor!” greetings are few and far between.

The first telltale sign that our world and everything in it was changing and not necessarily for the better was when people were called out for saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” I consider myself a fairly decent person — spiritual, but not big on organized religion as it is now practiced. However, I would be hard pressed to find the logic or need to attack someone from greeting me with a “Merry Christmas.” Hell, they could even add the “ho ho ho”without me having a fit.

Admittedly, saying peace on Earth and goodwill towards humankind would not only ring hollow, but may get your behind kicked for suggesting such a thing.

Nowadays, depending on your faith, you are as likely to be murdered in your place of worship as anyplace else.

I am sure the foregoing are symptoms and not root causes as to why we, as a society, have allowed ourselves to become so disrespectful, fearful, hateful, and violent as a nation. The real causes are division and tribalism which are higher than any time before WWII.

I hope it is still safe to say goodbye. If not: adios, au revoir, cheerio, ciao, later Brotherman or Sisterwoman!

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