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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Painting the town with passion and power, learning to color outside the lines

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Paint with Angelique has been a Las Vegas favorite and go-to for celebrations and girls’ nights out since 2020. On any day of the week, somewhere in the city, there is a group of friends, co-workers, neighbors, even seniors coming together for a social event that results in a special “take home” masterpiece. 

This is the story of Angelique Daniels: a business owner, corporate guru, chef, wife, mom, and artist who learned early to dream it and then do it with success. This is a story about perseverance, commitment, and following dreams. This is also a story about power! 

A Detroit, Michigan native (yeah, Great Lakes — my home state!), Daniels arrived here with her husband and daughters seeking what many of us sought when we came to Vegas: a better place with better weather and opportunities. Her career came with her as she was employed by Darden, owners of Olive Garden, and looking forward to continuing up that ladder in the West. Also accompanying her migration was Angelique’s passion for art, leading to her first side job, launched in 2013 as The Shoe Chick. Many of you probably have these fabulous Shoe Chick shoes that allow us to change the look using artistic snap-on tops. Angelique enacted the party theme, driving all over town in a tricked-out van that advertised Shoe Chick. 

The business showcased her gift of creativity and visual pleasure. When asked how she sees her own personal gifts and power, Daniels expressed it as “Broadening life for others without competing. Know it. Accept it. Don’t take your gifts for granted, and do your mentoring where you are.” 

So, where is the power? How does an idea become a successful reality? Daniels expresses power as a mission. “It’s not about the money [only]; it is much more — it is the mission fueled by passion and power. It is about having your heart in the right place.” 

Daniels has cautionary words for those seeking power. You must believe in yourself, even when it appears no one is getting it. Empower your passion and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. As successful as The Shoe Chick events were, she made a decision to take another road and create Paint with Angelique in 2020. This is where another element of power had to kick in. 

“We are a real bondage to our finances” says Daniels. “We do not step out to empower our dreams for fear of losing what we have.” 

And “of course,” she stresses, “a financial plan is essential.” So Daniels created one that led her to focus on learning to color outside the lines — using her power and passion to paint the town! The new direction of her paint parties allows more focus on personal expression. 

When asked her advice for others who want to embrace their own power, she replied: “Know your own gifts, make them better, and you will develop the confidence and power to succeed.” 

Put this in place. How can you miss when you have all the boxes in front of you? 

Dr. Ellen Brown enjoys writing on political topics that encourage and invite discussion leading to action. As a retired university educator and dean, Ellen welcomes you to contact her with your ideas and stories on how you use your power!

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