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PEACE: Your Yesterday is Black History

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We all admire and honor those who have come before us. They deserve honor for the sacrifice and achievements that allow us to live in freedom and enjoy opportunities. 

But as we look into our own mirrors, let’s think about what kind of legacy and impact we are leaving. 

Give thanks as your eyes open each morning. The day is awaiting your movement toward positive fusion with the universe. Your intentional way of being will multiply the chances of reaching the goals in your dreams. 

Every little step, word, and touch is felt today — and then becomes history. 

You are Black history. 

There is always someone watching to receive a positive note of advancement. We are not monolithic; we are a collective. We desire a pathway that is clear and surrounded by the peace we seek. 

Your fingerprint and footprint are original only to you. If we had no names or labels identifying ourselves, the impression we leave is what we come to know and are familiar with. The stuff you leave behind will either be thrown away or cherished in a future yet to be seen. 

How you make others feel — when they are allowed to see your authenticity — is the “wow” we look for. Your personal admiration for what you accomplished yesterday will give rise to your overall self-esteem. 

Setting those small goals of the wishes you want for yourself will bring satisfaction into your heart. Looking back at your week and admiring all that you wanted to achieve will give honor to your personal Black history moment. 

Black history is made every day, and our ancestors are patiently waiting for us to step up and into it.

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