Monday, June 24, 2024

Remembering My Words, I Wonder: You Still Mad?


Louie Overstreet

I began writing a monthly column for Black Image back in 2014. And in that time, I have managed to make a lot of readers mad at me. As such, I thought it would be fun to revisit the scene of the crimes — what I consider to be my most controversial columns over the years. 

December 2015: “When Dealing with the Police, Is It Justice or Just Us?” 

People mad that I noted from 2001 to the end of 2015, twice the number of people were killed by the police than died in the Twin Towers terrorists’ attack. 

August 2016: “No Escaping the Fact, America is a Gun Nut Nation” 

Noted that Black mayors fought for a gun control plank in the party platform at the 1968 Dim (ahem, Democratic) Convention. 

June 2017: “The Unlucky 7 Reasons Why America Will Not Be Great Again” 

One of the reasons: the lack of consequences for politicians lying. 

March 2018: “GOP Giving Poor Folks in Hell in 2018” 

I noted three ways: keep the poor disorganized; dehumanize them in subliminal ways; disenfranchise them. 

November 2019: “America’s Code Red Situation” 

America’s future would be determined by whether we experienced a revolution, evolution or a devolution. 

September 2020: “It Is On: Patriotism versus Tribalism” 

Posed two questions that required answers to determine what type of future America would experience. 

July 2021: “Critical Race Theory, My Sitdown Part!” 

The lack of understanding of the term was causing plenty of uninformed resentment. 

January 2022: Who and What are Killing America? 

The who: the Republican Party. The what: fear, division, and bigotry. 

February 2023: “One White Do and Two Black Don’ts 

Dealt with my opposition to reparations. 

There, “the cat is out of the bag!” I have known this since I started writing op-eds in 1980 for the Anchorage Times: if you want to make people mad, write about race, politics, religion, and the haves and have-nots.

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