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Who In The Heck Raised These People?

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Louie Overstreet

Before you ask it, let me answer the question you have in mind: Who are “those people,” right? Well, I am going to reveal their identity later. 

In a simpler time, I remember being raised with a sense of family, respect for your elders, kindness to others, help when you are able to do so, and (with what had to be the universal admonition of the time), making sure to wear clean underwear in case you get in and accident and have to go to the hospital. 

Further, I used to be good at playing “The Dozens” on the playgrounds of Cleveland schools, back in the late 1940s and the early 1950s. Given what is taking place in America nowadays, it may be time for me to again talk about somebody’s momma — and for that matter, their poppa, too. 

Time to reveal who “those people” are. They are ungodly evangelicals, greedy and spineless politicians, as well as our bigoted relatives and friends who come in all colors (and parenthetically, I need to identify them as the culprits who are letting our nation go to hell in a handbasket). 

While purporting to be a Christian nation governed by laws providing for the separation of church and state, it would be difficult to find the proof in today’s puddings. Evangelicals and “repug” politicians have formed an unholy alliance that makes you want to barf. Those people need to be doctors, that way these non-licensed physicians could heal themselves. 

We all know the best place to observe bigotry in action is in the attitudes expressed and actions taken by bigoted people who keep our nation in social turmoil. Among those people, as noted, are our relatives and friends. No matter how hard you try to duck them, they are always in your face using vile invectives, not to mention voting against their own interests, due to their hate-filled hearts. 

Sadly, the foregoing are those people who are turning the dream of America into our nation’s nightmare!

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