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HEALTHIER YOU: Lupus and Pregnancy

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Dr. Marguerite Brathwaite OB-GYN


A healthy pregnancy with lupus is possible — but lupus raises your risk for certain complications. If you have lupus and are planning to get pregnant, work with your doctor to plan a healthy pregnancy. 

Before getting pregnant, talk with your doctor about your plans at least three to six months before trying to conceive; these early discussions will allow you to have a plan for a safe pregnancy. You may need to change your lupus medication before you start trying, so planning is important. 

It is best to wait until your lupus is minimally active and your symptoms are under good control on medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. 

If you’re not ready to get pregnant right now, it’s important to use birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. 

Everyone with lupus has a higher risk of pregnancy complications. But some things may raise your risk even more, like: 

● High blood pressure 

● Kidney problems 

● Problems with your blood, like blood clots or not having enough platelets 

Breastfeeding (also called nursing or chest feeding) is healthy for you and your baby. Some lupus medicines can pass into breast milk, so it’s important to ask your doctor which medicines are safe to take while breastfeeding. 

You might ask the question, “Will my baby be born with lupus?” The answer is “no,” but some babies born to mothers with lupus get a condition called neonatal lupus. Neonatal lupus is not the same type of lupus adults get, and it doesn’t mean that these babies will have lupus when they grow up. 

It is important that all women have regular healthcare checkups. Make your appointment today by calling Innovative Women’s Care at (702) 413-7740 or visit us at 7650 West Sahara Ave. Suite 100 in Las Vegas.

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