Saturday, June 22, 2024

Peace through emotional evolution


Each one of us is behind the steering wheel of our own emotions. It is not a revelation that emotions are typically attached to our “care” for someone or something. But as we get older, the desire for peace outweighs the need for emotional dependency. That’s why we open other windows to breathe in beauty. 

It is wonderful to have empathy — but it is even greater to occupy the driver’s seat of one’s own care and evolve your emotions to be more inclusive of self. 

When love and care is your mantra — given freely and unconditionally — He smiles. But when people take your love as weakness and violate your care, it’s time to evolve. Not toward hate and resentment — but toward closing the door whereby those persons become obsolete—non-existent. Yes: GONE. 

There are journeys in life, and valleys will come—but you can come up and experience more that awaits. 

Not everyone is designed to ride shotgun on your personal life mission. We are a collective, and authentic humanity is there to ride the race. You are not alone. 

The world spins and it also requires us to evolve — giving rise to a new passion, a new direction, and a new emotional care. It’s up to all of us to continually find evolution inside that awakens possibilities for newfound peace.

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