Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PEACE – The Impact of Art

Art can have a great impact on your life.
Every morning when I awake, I gaze at a beautiful painting of an Italian villa. It is surrounded by illuminating flowers in a variety of colors, with a cobblestone balcony overlooking a deep blue ocean. I lay there thinking about how the beautiful scenery offers a sense of calm and peace, evoking the vastness of the world.
Just like reading a wonderful book, beautiful artwork can seize your imagination, transporting you to another place, without ever leaving the comforts of home. It can move you to embrace the wonders of the world, soothing your spirit and opening the doorway to creativity.
Many people in the fields of architecture, science and design often travel the world looking for inspiration in the world’s artistic masterpieces. The world is a boundless canvas that captures not only the collective beauty of precious moments in time, but also the struggles and pain that define human experience. It is a constant reminder that, in the human condition, we are never alone; there is always promise in those moments not yet lived.
Expose yourself to the world of art by any means necessary. It will bring balance to your worldview, and provide priceless avenues for motivation. The stillness of your moment with artwork belongs to you and no one else. What you see is yours, and what it gives back no one can take away. Art is so miraculous, divine, free, embracing, understanding and patient. It is an ideal vessel for communication with the higher power of peace.

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