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Black To Life… For A Healthier You

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Good eating habits begin early in life


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September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a time for enhanced focus on the eating and nutritional habits of all children.

Of course, we can combat the childhood obesity epidemic by stressing healthy physical activity. But we also cannot fall into the trap of allowing children to consume whatever foods they wish simply because they are young.

Most expectant mothers are remarkably mindful of the nutritional needs of the children they are carrying. This consciousness typically extends past childbirth, as babies are nourished with breast milk or vitamin-enriched formulas that are essential to their development.

Unfortunately, the commitment to proper nutrition tends to wane as children get older, as sugary and carbohydrate-laden foods take precedence over wholesome fare in preadolescence and, regrettably, beyond.

Poor nutrition has been linked to behavioral problems, and it is the gateway to a number of diseases. This should be of particular concern to young African-Americans, who tend to be at higher risk to develop potentially deadly ailments like diabetes and hypertension.

As parents, we can make a difference by simply watching what our children put into their mouths, and doing our part to ensure that healthy options are readily accessible. Fruits and vegetables should be as easily available as chips and cookies. We should keep track of children’s water intake, and make sure that sugary beverages are not a staple in their diets.

Simple lifestyle choices can also help ensure good eating habits. Setting and maintaining a consistent time for dining — preferably, with the entire family — is one way to monitor what children are consuming on a daily basis.

The foundation for healthy living begins at a young age. Good nutrition is key to good health and, ultimately, longevity.

For more information, contact the Las Vegas All Women’s Care offices at (702) 522-9640, or visit us at 700 Shadow Lane, No. 165 (1st floor), in Las Vegas.

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