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Why one Las Vegas woman is on a mission to help single moms keep an essential item in stock.


Eboni Nicole, founder of the ‘Fabu-Diaper Drive.'

Her movement began when Eboni Nicole went to a friend’s baby shower. She witnessed, with no small degree of amazement, how the most seemingly routine gift brought the mother-to-be to tears.

“It was shocking to me to see my friend so emotional and thankful when she thanked some (of her guests) for the diapers that she received,” Nicole recalled. “She was a single mother of one child before the birth of her new baby, and told us how hard it was, financially, to take care of everything for her children. I was so touched by her words — and I also related, because I am a single mom of three small children.”

That moment helped confirm what Nicole already knew: Too many women struggle with the myriad financial challenges that accompany motherhood. The 34-year-old was also well aware that one of the bare essentials, diapers, caused the most financial strain. She decided to do something about it.

“I know a new mother can receive financial assistance from the government WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program to help with baby formula and some other things — but there doesn’t seem to be a program to help single mothers with the cost of diapers,” she explained. “So, as a result, I started my ‘Fabu-Diaper Drive’ to provide free diapers to single mothers. Last year, there were so many single mothers in need — and once the word got around about Fabu-Diaper Drive, the demand was overwhelming. So many mothers reached out to me for assistance, and I ran out of diapers to give away. Last year was the first year, and I collected 50 boxes of donated diapers and 20 packs of wipes. This year I hope to exceed last year’s drive, and it will take place the whole month of May.”

For more information and/or to make a donation, call (702) 332-9919.

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