Thursday, June 22, 2017

PEACE: Dear Fathers …

Fathers are so important — those men who take us further with education, exposure, support, protection and many other wonderful attributes that earn the title of “daddy.” The celebration of Father’s Day is for those daddies who offer that wonderful shoulder to lie your head on, and who offer encouraging words that keep you focused [...]

HEALTHIER YOU: On the (Belly) Button


On the (Belly) Button

PEACE: Know Your Worth

Life takes on us many trips. And some of those journeys put obstacles in our path that can leave us insecure and questioning our worth — even when we’re excelling. Be mindful of those challenges. It may take creativity to get past them — but most things work out for the best, even if we [...]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month at Montevista Hospital

BY YVETTE WILLIAMS Mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable. But people experience symptoms of mental illnesses differently — and some engage in dangerous or risky behaviors to avoid or cover up symptoms of a potential mental health problem. Sometimes people — especially young people [...]

VETTE’S VEGAS VOICE: 79th Legislative Session: Update For Black Nevadans

BY YVETTE WILLIAMS The 79th Nevada Legislative Session will have just passed the halfway mark at the time of this publication, with legislators wrapping it up in about 30 days on June 5, 2017. Bills not passed out of committee by April 14 have died unless a waiver was extended. Additionally, bills will die if [...]

Engage People, Influence Your Neighbors

April 13, 2017 by Las Vegas Black Image Magazine  
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Businesswoman Eva Martin on how to best communicate with the people who surround you every day. Eva Martin, who owns and operates several McDonald’s restaurants, is committed to giving back to Las Vegas through community engagement and scholarships that help young people take flight toward higher education. Here, she shares tips on how to best [...]

PEACE: Much Too Much

We sometimes find ourselves in a whirlwind created by the hustle, bustle, and demands of everyday life — trying desperately to please others while putting our own needs on hold. Spring reminds us that flowers bloom with life thanks to nourishment from the sun, water and soil. As the beauty attracts our eyes, it reminds [...]

HEALTHIER YOU: Dealing with infertility


Taking care of our health in the new year




Getaway Czar

March 26, 2017 by Las Vegas Black Image Magazine  
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Las Vegas resident Ed Weathers recently hosted his 7th Annual Las Vegas Couples Retreat. Typically held around Valentine’s Day, the annual event is usually held in Mount Charleston, Nevada or Duck Creek, Utah. This year, the couples went to Duck Creek Village — and had a wonderful time in the snow.