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Vegas Is So Much More

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BY CAPUCINE HOLMES There is so much more to Las Vegas than 24-hour parties and nonstop entertainment. The city is home to an array of people who embrace unity in the community, and have a passion to see everyone in Las Vegas succeed. This spirit was captured at the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet, which brought the community together to honor Mario Berlanga of Mario’s Westside Market; KCEP General Manager Craig Knight, recipient […]

Time To Update Your Lexicon

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BY LOUIE OVERSTREET President Trump has added so many racial code phrases this year that it’s time to update your racial code book. The term “states’ rights” needs to be modernized. He means giving each state, particularly in the South, the means to oppress persons of color. This term gained notoriety way back in 1876, when R.B. Hayes received fewer votes than Samuel Tilden — but outmaneuvered […]

PEACE: A Thankful Heart

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  We are all searching for something. But what is undeniable is the peace we all long for. People often say, “I just need some peace.” Peace in heart, mind, and soul is an incredible gift. The energy is there — and we must properly appropriate it to reach ultimate peace in our lives. The process of having a thankful heart is […]

Engaging Your Community Through Giving

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BY EVA MARTIN The gift of giving is the biggest treasure you can offer during the Thanksgiving holiday. This season always brings food drives and meal-serving opportunities — with several organizations needing assistance in feeding the hungry. An often unspoken reality of modern life is that there are still people in our community who do not have enough to eat. Now is the […]


‘Marshall’ brings to life a seminal period in the life of an American icon.



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