Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Can A Woman Raise A Man?

BY BRUCE EDDINS In this time of women standing against predatory sexual indecency and inequality in the workplace, I have been stirred to ponder my own understanding and interpretation of what women mean to me. I have also been motivated by local plays that question whether a woman can raise a man — and how men’s attitude toward women are inappropriately defined and sexualized in our society. It […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! BY ERIC TROY We often hear the saying that you look, sound, walk, and even act like your father. You see, DNA — deoxyribonucleic acid — contains the code that every organism needs to develop, live, and reproduce. In the spiritual sense, Jesus had his father’s DNA; that provided him with a foundation for how to live his life and die an untimely […]

HEALTHIER YOU: Getting Pregnant with CMV

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BY DR. ANNETTE MAYES, OB/GYN CMV is a common virus, diagnosed with a blood test, that infects people of all ages. In the United States, nearly one in three children are already infected by five years of age. Over half of adults by age 40 have been infected with CMV. Once CMV enters the body, it stays there for life and can reactivate. A person can […]

Celebrating Fathers

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On this Father’s Day, our fathers are to be celebrated for the love and guidance they give. Their contributions have built legacies for us to uphold and build upon — and we honor them all that they mean in our lives.

WELL WOMEN OF COLOR | Rosalind Brooks

Growing with the Community Vegas Roots Community Garden has always strived to be a catalyst for positive change in our community — and with such a wide array of amazing programs, we are doing just that! Located at 715 North Tonopah, the garden has always encouraged Vegas residents to come down and pick some of our freshly grown veggies. We also have a children’s […]

‘We have to … support each other and strengthen our community’

ASKED & ANSWERED: RICHARD LAWSON The legendary actor shares insight on fatherhood, marriage and family — and what it’s like to be Beyoncé’s stepfather. For more than a half-century, Richard Lawson has starred on stage (“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”), screen (“Poltergeist,” “For Colored Girls”) and television (a wealth of credits that include “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” and “Dynasty”). Today, […]

Tyler-Made Generosity

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Calvin and Tina Tyler, Las Vegas residents for 15 years, have become two of the city’s leading philanthropists: they recently created a scholarship endowment at Morgan State University, along with a donation for a new Calvin and Tina Tyler Hall Student Services Building. The couple also gave a generous donation to Las Vegas’ Saint Rose Hospital. Calvin, who is a retired UPS executive (Tina is […]

This Time, It Would Be Shame On Us

BY LOUIE OVERSTREET I last shared parts of this column back in October 2016. As things turned out, they fooled us — and it was shame on them. If it happens again in November 2018, it will be shame on us. We have got to plan our work — and work our plan — of five things to do. Preamble: The plan has a fundamental […]

PEACE: Be the individual you want your culture to be!

  We have all experienced it: those times when you had hoped for a better reaction from yourself or others who represent your culture. And there are times when your culture is positively represented, making you proud of people who exhibit extraordinary character — a character embodied in compassion, intelligence, empathy, strength, and selflessness. The embrace of others is the love you give yourself. The […]